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In Facebook world Everybody Lies

In Facebook world Everybody Lies

In Facebook world, the average adult seems to be happily married, vacationing in the Caribbean, and perusing the Atlantic. In the real world, a lot of people are angry, on supermarket checkout lines, peeking at the National Enquirer, ignoring the phone calls from their spouse, whom they haven’t slept with in years.

Facebook is digital brag-to-my-friends-about-how-good-my-life-is serum.


It’s taken a series of miracles just to get you this far and here you are with the biggest miracle of all

Captain Laustit had only a few seconds left to make his decision. He was at two thousand feet past the airport and heading straight for Manhattan in the darkness. There was only one thing he could do. Other jets that night, landed with the help of the miracle of radio. In the subway, people were still coping. About after an hour, hour and a half people became very restless -it was not pleasant. It was not very congenial, but everybody felt scared.READ MORE

Thrilling discovery of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting nearby star ? #Trappist1

Thrilling discovery of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting nearby star ? #Trappist1

From the fifth planet, considered the most habitable, the salmon-pink star would loom 10 times larger than the sun in our sky. The other planets would soar overhead as their orbits required, appearing up to twice the size of the moon as seen from Earth. “It would be a beautiful show,” said Amaury Triaud at the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge University.

Foot Power = Renewable Energy

“We could power a lamppost using solar panels or a small wind turbine, but the sun only shines here for a few hours in the day in the UK, and the buildings mean there isn’t much wind,” explains PaveGen founder and CEO Laurence Kemball-Cook, as we look at the street furniture on Bird Street, just north of Oxford Street in central London.READ MORE